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Knowledge Management Services


Business optimization lies where knowledge and knowledge management applies. At Versos, we help organizations establish a systematic knowledge process embedded at the business operations layer for identifying, enabling, sharing and applying information & experience to achieve improved productivity, through addressing:

  • Knowledge practices required for fulfilling business goals
  • Workforce proficiency knowledge and skill required for performing their responsibilities more effectively

Versos partners with industry world leading technology providers and specialized consultancy firms for leveraging the value in ensuring customers’ address knowledge management and performance challenges in an effective manner. Accordingly, our services encompass the right combination of industry expertise, process knowledge, and technology required for enabling customers raise performance, through improving business practices and workforce proficiency without expensive changes to applications, processes, and human behavior.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy and staffing services in relation to methods, process management, operational efficiency, benchmarks, service level agreements, etc.
  • Education and awareness programs
  • Knowledge & skill transfer services
  • Access to world-leading researches centers and analyst firms
  • Electronic and physical knowledge library
  • Automation enablement