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Revenue Assurance


The end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 have marked one of the worst and most drastic downturns that the world has ever seen. A lot of people are under a lot of stress right now as the worlds economic systems adjust themselves to the new world order. But what about telecommunications companies. Are telco's effected? Of course, though not as badly as most other industries” – The Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association.

With the increasing demand for operational excellence and the thrive of business to increase revenues, the term “Revenue Assurance” has not only became a need but an objective for nearly all leading utility organization, specifically telecommunication. Jointly with its partners, Versos provides this service to:

  • Ensure the integrity and accuracy of billing cycle and accordingly system
  • Identify areas for additional revenue leakage
  • Address market and competitive pressures
  • Minimize leakage and increase revenues
  • Mandatory compliance requirements by SOX and latest standard by GRAPA

Many factors have changed in Teleco environments including advancement in technology, mobile penetration ratios, expansion of internet usage, Voice Over IP, competition and many other factors that has changed the demand of better operational performance indicators and imposing a challenge on revenue patterns.

Versos partnered with leading consultants and subject matter experts in the telecommunication domains to help operators in adopting and balancing the new objectives and ensuring that revenues benchmarks. Balancing between standards, best practices and revenue assurance is what make Versos offering unique and compatible with international latest standards.